Ticket Challenger

Determined to get a reduction in your fines and save demerits so you can keep your license.

Service Areas

Serving Hinton, Jasper, Edson, Evansburg, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Drayton Valley, Alexis and most locations in Northern Alberta.

Our Specialty

Able to review all aspects of prosecution including testing and qualifications of Officers for speeding offences.

Our Expertise

  • 2 Years as a Provincial Prosecutor
  • 28 years Police / Peace Officer with 22 years Traffic Enforcement
  • Radar / Laser Instructor
  • Level II Collision Analyst
  • Extensive knowledge in traffic enforcement and Prosecution.
  • Extensive Knowledge of court preparation, review and running trials.
  • Reviewing the testing of instruments and affadavits for Red Light and Speeding offences with Automated Traffic Devices.
  • Able to review Careless Driving offences ensuring the Prosecution has the elements to proof the offence.
  • 13 1/2 years as a Supervisor
  • 4 1/2 years RCMP Administrator

Review of all Tickets under the Traffic Safety Act including:

  • Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling Act and Regulations
  • Fuel Tax Act
  • Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulations
  • Commercial Vehicle Dimensions and Weights Regulations
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulations
  • Off Highway Vehicle Regulations
  • Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulations Regulations
  • Vehicle Equipment Regulations

Other violations under the following Acts:

Alberta Fisheries Act

Gaming Liquor & Cannabis Act

Petty Trespass Act

Stray Animals Act

Tobacco & Smoking Reduction Act

Trespass to Premises Act

Wildlife Act and Regulations

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Alberta, Canada